Louis He }
Partner, Director of Creative Services

I’m Louis He, a design junkie, tennis master and proud father to a large ball of fur.
I have ten years of marketing experience and feel the most inspired when I’m able
to combine my understanding of the creative and strategic process to deliver tangible solutions that make an impact.

Throughout my time in the industry, I've realized that I've achieved the best
results and found the most joy when marketing or branding for a product or
cause that I truly believed in. They say you can taste the love that a chef puts into preparing their food, and I believe the same applies in marketing. When you put
a team of people together that collectively believe in something, the energy and passion invested in the work transcends the medium. It becomes something
genuine with which people can really resonate.

Diploma, Advertising Design - International Academy of Design and Technology
Strategic Marketing Management - UBC
Mobile Marketing - Internet Advertising Bureau of Canada